The Amazing Adventure Tours of Ladakh

At whatever point individuals consider adventure expeditions, the taking off scopes of the forceful Himalayas strike a chord at first. Adventure visits in Leh Ladakh are the best choice to appreciate the adrenaline surge of exciting games in the lap of Himalayas. With such a fluctuated geography and rich fortune of verdure, the Himalayas are heaven for both adventure and nature lovers. From trekking, mountaineering and boating to air sports like paragliding and hang floating, Himalayas are a problem area for adventure activities. Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Leh are a portion of the best places in the Himalayan district that best the agenda of the general population looking for an extraordinary thrill during vacations.

About Ladakh

Situated in Indian Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh tour packages stretch out from Great Himalayas in the south to the Karakoram extends in the north. Additionally referred to as the place that is known for high passes, it is the most noteworthy level in Jammu and Kashmir area. Settled in the snow-clad mountain scopes of the Himalayas, this place is a frosty betray as the high mountains make a rain shadow; consequently, keep the passage of storms in this region.It encounters extraordinary scopes of temperature both in summers and winters. With a sheer decent variety in atmosphere and geology, Ladakh is one of a kind in every one of viewpoint. Adventure visits in Ladakh give you a brilliant chance to investigate the remote excellence of this hilly desert.

With its sheer beauty of grand Himalayan pinnacles, high mountain passes, lavish glades, peaceful snow capped lakes and antiquated Buddhist religious communities, Ladakh is the embodiment of nature’s craftsmanship. With the place’s stunning geography plenteous in unparalleled beautiful appeal, adventure fan from the whole way across the globe come here to find the shrouded enchantment of this magical home satisfies their adrenaline surge more than ever. While there are numerous approaches to investigate the quietness and most profound sense of being of Ladakh, extending from biking to nature strolls, there is nothing that can beat the adventure of trekking. A portion of the Leh Ladakh tour packages that you can appreciate on a visit to Ladakh are:

Motorbiking in Ladakh

Ladakh is arranged between the compelling Karakoram Range and Himalayan Ranges which offer the endmost thrill and adventure.There are 2 distinct courses you can take to come to the great Ladakh by bicycle. One of them is from Srinagar and the other is from Manali, both have their own beauty and grand joy.

The Manali course begins from Manali and takes you through the remote towns of Himachal Pradesh like Jispa, Keylong, and Sarchu and through the Manali-Leh Highway. You will pass the captivating Lahaul and Spiti Valley to achieve Sarchu. You will get an opportunity to drive through the high mountain goes to achieve Leh. This tiring however astounding journey will attempt justified, despite all the trouble when you at long last achieve bike tour. It is constantly prescribed to take rest and adapt before going any higher.


Trekking is the most energizing adventure don in Ladakh. The rough scene offers plentiful choices. There are numerous courses for trekkers, going from learners to adventured open-air aficionados. Picturesque, unexplored and testing, trekking in Ladakh is not as much as an adventure of a lifetime. From strolling on the solidified Zanskar River to going through high height mountains passes and grand spots of lavish greenery, you will unquestionably have valued recollections that endure forever.An accomplished guide and Himachal holiday package intend are basic for a trek. The isolated towns and old sacred communities and to the thrill.


When you are on the ‘top of the world’ how might you pass up a major opportunity to climb a portion of the pinnacles that touch the very sky! Ladakh offers numerous mountaineering challenges. To leave on climbing any top in Ladakh, consent is required from the Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi.

Mountaineering in Ladakh isn’t only a game; it is really a definitive test of wellness. Set out to climb the mountains after you are clear of elevation movement infection (AMS). Apparatus up with an accomplished guide, crampons, ropes and ice hatchet and embrace the elating adventure in Ladakh.


Imagine remaining in a camp in the mountains under open skies with stars for an organization; sounds stunning! You also can encounter the astounding with outdoors in Ladakh. The most loved adventure don in Ladakh outdoors is a perfect method to draw near with nature. The rough landscape of Ladakh have a test, accordingly is a significant invigorating knowledge.

Escape the Himachal tour packages, group and let the great excellence of Ladakh fascinate your faculties. Outdoors in Ladakh is way contemplation, investigating and an affair that you treasure a lifetime. Campgrounds in Ladakh are found in wealth. You can drive for pre-organized groups words by the popular Tso Moriri, Pangong Lake, and the sacred communities or you can pitch your tents with consent from villagers and neighborhood specialists.

Quad Biking

Making advances on the following energizing adventure brandish in Ladakh, we have Quad biking. A most loved for adrenaline junkies, the quad bicycles otherwise called ATVs are a fun method to investigate the excellence of Ladakh. Riding the 4X4 mammoth with a crisp breeze in your face, exploring through rough territory is astonishing. You can experiment with the game in the Nubra Valley, the home of the hills of the frosty forsake. It is the exciting way to enjoy the scenic desert landscape by you.

Jeep Safari

jeep safari of ladakh

Ladakh’s captivating scene calls for jeep safari.Favored with high passes, old religious communities, tall tale lakes, remote towns, and tremendous view and then some, it’s a wonderland. Jeep safaris in Ladakh offer energizing adventure in a helpful and reasonable method for investigating in a vast group. You can design littler treks for a day or an entire visit in an open jeep, relaxing in the excellence and delight.

Wilderness Rafting

The quick streaming Indus and Zanskar Rivers offer phenomenal open doors for wilderness boating in Ladakh. Generally solidified in winter, the waterways’ stream picks up speed in summers, which is the best time for boating campaigns. Indeed July to September is the main day and age for the energizing adventure wear. With rapids running from Grade 1 to Grade 4, the campaign on the waterways is really thrilling. Regardless of whether a novice or a master, stream boating is an absolute necessity activity in Ladakh.

Camel Safaris

Camel safari in the mountains sounds mind-blowing? All things considered, this is Ladakh for you. In the midst of the high mountain goes, there lies a chilly abandon finish with sand ridges and camels.Another mind-blowing truth about Ladakh’s camels is that these Bactrian Camels have two protuberances and it is the main place in India where you can appreciate a camel safari on a camel that has 2 bumps, not one! Camel safaris over the sand rise around Hunder in Ladakh is one of the must attempt adventure sports.


Archeryis a traditional sport of Ladakh and one must not miss attempting the game. There is visit arrow based weaponry challenges held frequently in towns and furthermore in the Leh City. The Nawang Dorjey Stobdan Memorial Park Archery has additionally known the National Archery stadium in Leh. Arrow-based weaponry challenges are joined by the celebration including drinking singing, moving and wagering on the outcome. Viewing a bows and arrows challenges is certain to offer an intriguing adventure into the social existence of the Ladakhi individuals.

Best Time to Go for Adventure in Leh Ladakh

Summers would be the best time to pay your visit to this place as temperatures are direct and lovely contrasted with that of winters

Motorbike Tours: June to September is the greatest months to take a ride in the Ladakh Valley the same number of passes and streets stay shut in winters.

Chadar Trek: January and February are the greatest months to trek the Zanskar River as it is just in this period that the waterway solidifies down. It turns into the well known Chadar trek simply in the wake of secure under a thick cover of ice.

Stok Kangri: The best time to trek this most astounding mountain go in Ladakh is from July till September as during these months; the region does not encounter heavy rainfall. Along these lines, this is a perfect time to catch the striking excellence of this valley.

Step by step instructions to Reach Ladakh

By Road: There are standard transports to Leh from Srinagar and Manali. Moreover, vacationers can contract motorbikes or private cabs to a movement to and inside Ladakh.

By Rail: There is no train benefit in Ladakh, which implies that vacationers should go to Delhi, Chandigarh or Jammu. From that point, voyagers can finish the staying of the adventure by street.

Via Air: During visitor season, which is from May to October, every single real carrier work flights to Leh, which is the region home office. Voyagers can take flights from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.

A substantial number of nearby and in addition remote visitors, consistently, visits this wonderful uneven region. It is both a famous summer and also a winter occasion goal. Its untouched excellence, snow-clad mountain tops, rich greenery and detached spots pull in a great deal of honeymooners as well. That isn’t all. With the scope of adventure activities that it brings to the table, for example, trekking, mountain biking, boating, mountaineering etc it is notable in the midst of adventure enthusiasts as well.

There is no conclusion to the number of enigmatic trekking trails in Ladakh. Our list is only a look at the perfect offerings of this supernatural place that is known for Ladakh, a noteworthy piece of which still stays untouched and unexplored. On the off chance that you are a genuine trekking addict, go ahead to a voyage to explore the hidden magic of this quiet world.

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