Visit the Highest Village in the World – Kibber

Kibber situated in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is recognized to be most raised motorable town on the planet. The town is known for its grand scene and various Buddhist Monasteries. Arranged at a rise of 4850m, Kibber takes after to the towns of Ladakh and Tibet.

As indicated by 2011 census, there are 77 houses in the town and around 187 men and 179 ladies live here. The way of life of Kibber is added to that of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Key Monastery, which is the most critical Buddhist journey in Spiti Valley and is found near Kibber. The religious community is popular for saving antiquated wall paintings, thangkas, uncommon original copies, and wind instruments.

Kibber is viewed as an icy desert; however, agribusiness and animal husbandry are the significant occupations here. It is said that the economy of the town is constructed chiefly in light of exchange with Ladakh. Himachal holiday packages are taken after between Kibber local people and Ladakhis and regularly steeds are exchanged for yaks.

Why travel Kibber?       

The second most astounding town on the planet which is associated with motorable street and is the most elevated territory town on the planet which has its own surveying station amid races.

Viewing the night sky from Kibber is an astonishing background. The place you should step down from your vehicle when you reach and take a tour through the town, meet local people and have food at cafes which serve mountain food.

The town is prominent among enterprise fans too. Dandmachan peak here is well known with trekkers and mountain dwellers. The desolate scene, streams, and mountains, and gompas make it a picture taker’s heaven.

High altitude and pollution free environment make Kibber an extraordinary destination for sky gazers and in addition nature and adventure lovers. Viewing the night sky from Kibber is without a doubt outstanding amongst other encounters in India. The Dandmachan Peak here is prominent with trekkers and mountain dwellers. The desolate scene, quick waterways and grand mountains and serene gompas make Kibber a picture taker’s heaven. The town is home to a lot of fossils and consequently, has earned Spiti the title of ‘Fossils Park’.

Kibber climatic conditions urge villagers to for the most part stay inside amid the winters. Villagers stock food to get by in winters and use their chance inside their home by sewing garments and making handcraft things.

Highest village kibber

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary in Himachal tour packages is India’s just untamed life asylum in an icy forsake. It is home-based to the ibex, blue sheep, red fox, lynx, pika, Himalayan wolf, Tibetan wooly bunny, Tibetan wild ass and the snow panther. The red-roofed houses here are an incredible sight and the way of life a joy to understanding. The nearby individuals are warm and cheerfully welcome you to their homes and lifestyle. Finding a place to remain here was very troublesome a couple of years back yet now have turned out to be nearly less demanding. Kibber offers tourers simply the correct blend of enterprise, unconventionality, and fun!

Step by step instructions to Reach

Kibber is 430kms from Shimla and can come by crossing the Kunzum Pass. It is 16kms from Kaza and the ideal route is to procure a taxi to reach here.

Where to Stay

There are no inns and resorts in Kibber. Local people give rooms on the lease. Homestays are moderate. Try not to expect luxury while remaining with local people. Camping services are additionally accessible during summer in the town.

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